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Brand Design

Onepick is a new service from Jobkorea, a leading Korean recruitment platform, designed to facilitate seamless job transitions and talent acquisition processes for both employers and job seekers. Embracing its role as a career companion service, Onepick endeavors to accompany users on their career journeys and collectively pursue fulfillment by delivering personalized premium services. For job seekers, Onepick offers a dependable companion service, tailoring recruitment processes with features like interview guidance, salary insights, and job transition assistance. Meanwhile, for employers, it streamlines the premium headhunting experience by managing applicants, verifying suitability, and conducting assessments, including candidate filtering and recommending top-tier candidates, etc. Lastly, it introduces a humane and personalized Human-Touch Matching Algorithm for both employers and job seekers, ensuring a compassionate and highly efficient service.

Drawing from these service features, we crafted a brand strategy and visual identity. The key visuals, including the check motif and illustrations, symbolize the reliability of exact choices within the Onepick service and encapsulate the brand persona of 'premium customized care service'.

BX Strategist: Siyeun Hwang