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JOBKOREA has launched a foreign employment platform called 'KliK'. The project’s background takes into account that while demographic changes predict an inevitable increase in foreign workers, the foreign labor market remains informal and fragmented. This causes challenges for both employers and job seekers in the recruitment and employment process. From the perspective of foreign job seekers, their pain points include scattered information on domestic employment procedures and visa acquisition, lack of information and trust regarding companies and job postings, insufficient information on employment and daily life needs, and language barriers. From the perspective of domestic employers, their pain points include scattered information necessary for hiring foreigners, lack of candidate verification and trust, insufficient information on foreign employment, and limited time resources. To address these pain points, JOBKOREA’s 'KliK' offers foreign job seekers solutions such as visa guidance, easy and customized job searches, services for residential life needs, and multilingual support. Additionally, to resolve the pain points of domestic employers, 'KliK' ensures user convenience, easy applicant management, provision of visa information, and offers visa agency services and consulting.

BX Strategist: Siyeun Hwang
BX Designer: Siyeun Hwang