JOBKOREA Brand Renewal 

Brand Design

Since its inception in 1998, JOBKOREA has consistently spearheaded innovation in Korea's job market. Over the years, we have evolved into a comprehensive recruitment platform catering to both recruiters and job seekers. Looking ahead, our aspiration is to transform into a holistic career companion, leveraging cutting-edge IT and AI technologies to propel job seekers towards greater career heights. Recognizing that our existing brand identity may not fully encapsulate our ultimate objective, we initiated a brand renewal project. This initiative aims to redefine the core essence of our business and establish a more resonant brand identity. Our overarching vision is to chart a course towards global leadership, positively influencing individuals' career journeys and fostering personal growth.

BX Strategist: Siyeun Hwang
BX Design Guide: Siyeun Hwang