Albamon Z
Brand eXperience Design

Brand Design

'Albamon Z' stands as a distinctive sub-brand under the umbrella of 'Albamon,' Korea's premier platform for part-time employment opportunities. The primary mission of Albamon Z is to deliver a user-friendly, dependable, and time-saving job-matching service. The genesis of this concept emerged from the necessity to alleviate the challenges faced by both job seekers and recruiters during the quest for ideal positions and talent. Invariably, these processes can become cumbersome, particularly when there's an urgent need for hiring or job searching.

In response to this pain point, Albamon Z introduces a groundbreaking notification chat service that eliminates the need to access the app, coupled with an AI-based talent search. These distinctive services set Albamon Z apart from its counterparts in the industry. The innovative and time-saving features of these services enable swift acquisition of information through simplified procedures, aligning seamlessly with the demands of contemporary society.

The overarching vision of Albamon Z extends beyond mere job-matching; it aspires to empower employees with invaluable part-time experiences and aid employers in realizing their dreams. The ultimate goal is to nurture individuals into more self-assured and passionate versions of themselves, thereby contributing to their personal and professional growth.

BX Strategist: Siyeun Hwang